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Acquiring Fine Art Images

Fifty years ago Jeremy Maxwell was given his first camera and the same year he was making contact prints in an improvised darkroom set up in the family garage. It was however three years before the family was persuaded to purchase an enlarger and from then onwards Jeremy has been making prints.

Largely self-taught, (Jeremy studied photography at Weymouth College, in the England for a year, and also worked, briefly, as an assistant to the advertising photographer Shaun Cullen); his images have been published in County and Travel magazines. His portraits have been used as the author's profiles for books and publicity. Now his images are finding there way into private collections.

In the year 2000 his early work was destroyed in tragic circumstances and only in 2005 did he start to make images once again.

Limited Editions Quality and Authenticity:

Jeremy meticulously prepares every print in the studio in which your artwork was first created. Eight waterproof 'Vivera' inks are used in conjunction with stable archival fine art, (or photo), paper to produce a picture which, with appropriate care, will last in excess of two hundred years whilst retaining the same vibrancy as when it left the studio.

Many images used on products, such as calendars and cards, offered for sale by commercial factors are offered as a 'one off' original 'proof' print from this web site. These prints are prepared to the same standard as those in the numbered limited editions, and are the first of two potential copies. These are signed. Any second copy of the print is simply held as a reference, or for inclusion in exhibitions, but will not be offered for sale within Jeremy Maxwell's lifetime.

Numbered Editions:

Several images available here have found their way into private collections providing their owners with aesthetic pleasure, and investment value for future generations. Only personal favourites are offered as exclusive limited editions, (but a wider range of images is offered as cards, calendars, and reproduction prints).

These museum archival quality prints are printed at a resolution of 1200 DPI using the ProPhoto Gamma which is the largest colour space available for art prints. The originals are made from 16 bit digital files, which holds 65 thousand values per channel compared to the 256 possible values per channel available in the files used for commercial printing. This ensures a depth and range of colour hues that surpasses that achieved elsewhere.

Each work is accompanied by an informative document enabling you to provide appropriate care for your image.

All 'Proof Quality' and 'Limited Edition' Jeremy Maxwell Fine Art Prints come with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, which validates the Proof Quality of the Art and Media, and their identity as being prepared personally by Jeremy Maxwell.

Every care is taken to dispatch your artwork expeditiously from the studio. Jeremy, however, remains active in the field, which means that he cannot provide a 'next day service'. Once interest in a print is expressed pains are taken to communicate clearly about a delivery date and you are billed only when the print is ready for dispatch.

Images are sent via UPS unmounted in a cardboard tube. Delivery is included in the purchase price. Artwork will be insured to the value of materials only in order to expedite customs clearance.

Ordering and Payment for Original Prints:

Once you have selected the image(s) you wish to order simply use our contact form, or pick up the telephone. Direct contact with customers and collectors is encouraged as is news of how you are displaying pictures. Payment is preferred via Paypal, you need not have a Paypal account to pay for your print.

Commercial Posters, Prints and Products:

Commercial products, such as Calendars, Postage Stamps, Posters, Reproduction Prints and Cards are manufactured and distributed worldwide by Zazzle who are also the choice of Disney, 'The Who', 'Alice Cooper', and countless other artists. Reproduction prints are also available through various other factors.

Commercially printed images are not limited by number. Some items such as stamps and mouse mats, however, are only offered for a limited time in order to preserve their rarity for those who wish to collect them.

As 'reproductions' aren't prepared by us, and are made to different standards, they are less expensive than studio printed artwork. The quality, however, is very good and this may be a good choice when thinking of acquiring a Jeremy Maxwell image for an office, or living space.

If you have any complaints you will need to take them up with Zazzle or the factor you have chosen, such as Artist Rising, but please also use the contact form here so any disappointments or difficulties may be monitored, and additional help offered, when appropriate.

Prints featured at Saatchi online are special orders, which are made personally in the studio by Jeremy Maxwell and come with all the relevant documentation obtaining to his other original prints.

Ordering and Payment for Reproduction Prints and other Goods:

Ordering goods via Zazzle, or any of the other commercial factors distributing Jeremy Maxwell products, could not be simpler. Each offers a secure shopping cart service by which you may order on-line.

A Personal Message From Jeremy Maxwell:

From the very first time I ever saw an image emerge on the paper, whilst in the developing tray, photography has been for me a 'magical' delight. The advent of digital photography has in no way lessened my pleasure for the image captured on the camera's sensor still must be rendered with care in the computer, if it is to emerge as I had imagined it when I pressed the camera shutter.

But if my images please me, my aim today is to also make pictures that will provide you with satisfaction. I would like them to brighten your life, to inspire you, and also remind that, whilst photography has a place in revealing the ugliness and cruelty in the world, it may also exhibit beauty in the moment.

From time to time I make an image that provides me with particular pleasure and I would like to share such pictures with you. If you would like to follow my adventures in photography, and be kept advised of unique offers that I make only to my personal contacts then simply fill in the form below.

email address:

I promise never to sell, or rent, your e-mail or personal details and to write only when necessary.

Warm regards,


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